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Sign/Verify the message with Python

Introduction We will learn on how we sign our messages / logs with openssl in python as well as verify them. Lets walkthrough the code and learn how we can build signing and verifying mechanism from scratch using python You can also checkout other hacking scripts in this page hacking scripts ## Required Libraries openssl : which will be the base requirement and contains the methods Generate keys ,sign ,verify hashlib : This library will be used to generate the hash sys : This is not mandatory since we are only using this to take command line arguements ## Generate and dump the public/private key Let's first create an object using 'PKey()' ,and generate the dsa keys. Then lets store the keys in diff files using dump method ## Once the keys are generated ,we can now proceed towards signing the message We have to first encode and then hash the message after which we will load the the private key which we stored in the above snippet,and after tha