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Command & Control Trojan With Python

INTRODUCTION Command and Control Trojan : With this Trojan we will be able to asynchronously control ,udpate and recieve data from deployed implants.So we will use Github as a way to store implant configuration information and exfiltrated data as well as any modules that the implanted needs in order to execute tasks.Since Github is encrypted over SSL ,and there are very few enterprises which might have blocked github itself. Let's have a walkthrough of the code on how we can build our github based command and control trojan from scratch. NOTE : you can integrate any module or features availble in this hacking scripts like keylogger ,backdoor etc with this Trojan ## Required Libraries : github3 : To connect authenticate and communicate between the trojan and the attacker via github repo which holds the configuration file threading : To perform some task in threads os : To runs some system commands importlib : to import the library if not exist base64 : to perform th

Python Keylogger

Introduction : Keylogging is one of the old school ways but still most affective way to capture the sensitive information from the victim's like credentials ,sensative conversation ,sensive emails etc. Lets walkthrough from the code and try to build our own keylogger from scratch You can also checkout some other hacking scripts in python : scripts Required Libraries ## ctypes : This library will provide the C compatible data types as well as will allows us calling functions in DDL / shared libraries pythoncom : This library provide support for the microsoft component object model(COM) pyHook : This provides the callbacks for global mouse and keyboard events in windows. win32clipboard : This will help to access the windows clipboard api. ## We will first call 'GetforegroundWindow()' method which will return the handle to the active window on the desktop .Then we will pass this handle as an arg to the 'GetWindowThreadProcessId()' function to retriev