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Screenshot with Python

Introduction Since most of the pieces in the malwares or pentesting frameworks has the ability to tak screenshots against targets system. This can help us to capture images ,video frames or other sensitive data we might not be able to see with the packet captures or keyloggers. Lets walkthrough the code and learn how we can build screenshot capturing script from scratch using python You can also checkout other hacking scripts in this page hacking scripts Code is explained for how we can capture the screenshot ,and merge it in the command and control trojan ##Required Libraries First we acquire a handle to the entire desktop which include the entire viewable area across multiple monitors grab handle to the main desktop window we then determine the size of the size of the screen so that we know the dimensions required for the screenshots determine the size of all monitors in pixels create a device context we create a device context using GetWindowDC function call and pass in

C/Python for security & hacking

SECURITY SECURING SYSTEM 1. Sign & Verify message 2. SandBox Detection 3. TCP Proxy HACKING STEALING AND SNIFFING ATTACKS 1. Stealing saved wifi password from windows 2. Sniffing packets 3. Email Credential sniffers Bluetooth Attacks 1. Bluetooth discovery 2. Bluetooth SDP browsing 3. Bluetooth OBEX 4. Bluetooth RCOMM channel scanner 5. Blue Bug Exploit