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TCP proxy

Benifits of Tcp proxy we can forward the traffic from host to host as well as useful when assessing network based software. So in this code we will continually read from local ,process and send to remote ,read from remote ,process and send to local until there is no more data detected. ## we will firstly take the command line arguements and then fire up a server loop that listens that listens for connections. once any connection request comes in ,we hand it off to 'proxy_handler' ,which does all the sending and recieving of bits to either side of the data stream. ## we will make sure that we should not be initiating a connection to the remote side and request data before going into our main loop. Then we will use the 'recieve_from' function which we reuse for both side of the communication ,it simply takes in a connected socket object and performs a recieve. Then we will dump the contents of packets so that we can inspect it for anything interesting .then we pa

Dictionary Attacks

Passwords are not generally stored in plaintext form. crypt() is a one way hash function that expects a plaintext password and a salt value for input and then outputs a hash with the salt value prepended to it. This hash is mathematically irreversible ,meaning that it is impossible to determine the original password using only the hash. So if user wants to authenticate user will enter the password and then hash corresponding to that password will be generated ,and if the hash matches with the hash stored in file ,then user entered the correct password .In this way without storing the password in plaintext form we can have authentication here. With this mechanism ,we can think of that the even encrypted password stored in the file is useful ,so we can have a dictionary attack here by hashing each word in the wordlist and compare it with the hash stored in the file ,so in this way we can crack the password. Dictionary Attack program will just needs to read word from file ,hash each

Man In The Browser Attack

Introduction This script will first force the user to logout from the site and when user will try to login again it will send the credentials to the server which is in our case is setup in and by default localhost. This script is compatible with internet explorer only and make sure that internet explorer is not forwading you request to the microsoft Edge. TO DISABLE FORWARDING THE REQUEST TO EDGE ,FOLLOW BELOW STEPS : - Go to settings - then click on Default Browser present at left side in the List. - Then change Let Internet Explorer open sites in Microsoft Edge To NEVER Lets walkthrough the code and learn how we can build script to perform mitb from scratch using python You can also checkout other hacking scripts in this page hacking scripts ## Modifications : By default this script will only get the credential of gmail and Facebook , But you can modify according to your need by appendng items in the list in file. ## Working : as soon as you will log-in or a