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Sniffer for email credentials

##Library required ##Variables defined ##Callback function ,when this function is called we check to make sure it has a data payload whether the payload contains the typical USER or PASS mail commands and if we detect an authentication string ,we print out the server we are sending it to and the actual data types of the packet . ##We added a filter that only includes the traffic destined for the common mail ports like "110 (POP3) ,143 (IMAP) ,25 (SMTP)" as well as we used the parameter "store" which is when set to '0' ensures that scapy isn't keeping the packets in memory. If we want to sniff for longer time then its a good idea to keep "store=0" so that it won't be consuming vast amounts of RAM. NOTE: execute this script with admin/root permissions Code repostory : sniffer_for_email_credentials Checkout some more hacking scripts SECURING SYSTEM

Sniffer with no Filter

Below code is a simple sniffer that sniffs the packet and dumps its content. ##Library required ##Callback function ,will recieve each sniffed packet ##this will sniff the packets on all interfaces with no filtering NOTE: the script should be executed as admin/root in order to make it work code repository : sniffer_with_no_filter Checkout some more hacking scripts SECURING SYSTEM BLUETOOTH ATTACKS STEALING AND SNIFFING ATTACKS KALI LINUX HACKING COMMANDS CHEATSHEET TROJAN AND BACKDOORS DICTIONARY AND BURTEFORCING ATTACKS MAN IN THE MIDDLE ATTACKS 1. Sign & Verify message 1. Bluetooth discovery 1. Stealing saved wifi password from windows 1. Hacking commands with Kali Linux