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python code to Scrap images from google

Introduction Web scraping is a mechanism of using bots to extract data / content from the internet / website . The web scraping software may directly access the World Wide Web using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol or a web browser. While web scraping can be done manually by a software user, the term typically refers to automated processes implemented using a bot or web crawler. It is a form of copying in which specific data is gathered and copied from the web, typically into a central local database or spreadsheet, for later retrieval or analysis. [source wiki] How to scrap images from google? we will use python as a base language and libraries like beautifulsoap ,selenium ,os ,time etc to create a scraper from scratch. ## Required Libraries ## 'download_image' : Method to download each image with help of requests library and if the status returned is 200 then we will write the image into our machine via file handling. ## 'download_failed : it is a variable with w

Stealing wifi passwords with python

This only works in the windows machine since windows only support the command 'netsh wlan show profiles' ##required libraries ##"netsh wlan show profile" is a command to fetch the network names to which the system has connected ,execute this command with help of subprocess library ##fetch all network names from with the help of regex from the output of the netsh command executed with help of subprocess and once we filter the network names we will run another netsh commmand this time with network name as parameter along with key=clear ,this will show the password in plain text ,and then we will add the passwords to our string variable f_output. ##once the passwords are fetched we will start appending them into the text file. ##we can even send this password as mail to ourself from our own mail-id in case this is given to victim's in executable form . we need to fill in the mail-id as well password to make it work. NOTE : we can even add this as the func

backdoor in Python

##Backdoor based on TCP server and client with python Server side code : '' " is the code which will be running on the attacker's machine" ##required libraries ## create socket object ## generate_socket_and_listen method is to generate socket (i.e. bind an ip address with the port number) and listen for the incoming connections ## once the victim opens the executable in his/her machine ,and the socket recieved the incoming connection ,then shell method will be executed . since we have the shell from the victims machine we can do anything like perform any os command ,or execute manually written commands like get ,download ,start ,upload "download -> download files from victim's machine" "upload -> upload files to victim's machine" "get -> download files from the internet to victim's machine" "start-> start other applications on victim's machine" ## we will use